wow, just wow.

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Let's start with the cover. The hot pink/magenta-ish color DEFINITELY caught my eye. That's what actually drew me to it to begin with.

This book is an intriguing true crime novel written by M. William Phelps. M. William Phelps is also the creator of the podcast - "Paper Ghosts."

We Thought We Knew You covers a poisoning of a woman in 2015. This murder took place in Upstate New York... And this event left her family in a major set of drama consisting or revenge and backstabbing.

Mary & her husband Bill owned and operated a local chiropractor office. In July, she returns home not feeling great. She was rushed to the ER, but within fourty-eight hours she was dead. The question is... who did it? Initially her son Adam was suspected, but while he was in custody, the interest was turned to someone else.

This entire fiasco led to not one, but two high profile trials. This book details the ENTIRE scenario from start to finish. Well worth the read, espeically for fellow true-crime fanatics.