What really happened to Mary?

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The true story about the murder of Mary Yoder. Bill and Mary ran a Chiropractic office in a small town. Their patients knew and loved them. When they needed some extra help in the office, they decided to hire their son’s girlfriend. They were assured that their relationship would not cause a problem. As time went on, the relationship would end and begin again. One day Marry came home and became violently ill. What could be the cause of this sudden illness?
The author keeps you wondering which of the characters is the guilty party. You know there was foul play but you just aren't sure how it was done or who did it. And why? Mary was liked by everyone. Who would want to get rid of her? The story includes interviews with several people in the community who had seen Mary and Bill leading up to the day Mary fell ill. There are also accounts of the relationship between the Yoder's son and Katie.