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This is my first time reading a book by M. William Phelps. I will be taking a look at his true crime backlist. His writing really flows.

We Thought We Knew You is about the death of Dr. Mary Yoder. Drs. Mary and Bill Yoder are the joint owners of a Chiropractic practice. They both work part-time and their son's girlfriend, Katie Conley, is the business manager. Katie and their son, Adam, have had a tumultuous, on-again off-again relationship. They met when they were 18 and 20 respectively. In 2015, Dr. Mary (her nickname) is working when she suddenly gets ill and goes to the hospital because she needs fluids. Within 24 hours and multiple cardiac arrests, Dr. Mary passes. The doctors and her family are desperate to figure out what happened.
After a few weeks of investigating, the medical examiner determines that Dr. Mary was poisoned.
I will not say that We Thought We Knew You is an unbiased examination into what happened to Dr. Mary. The author does lay out all the potential suspects, her husband, her son, or Katie, or even a combo of the above. But the author is also very clearly indicating that only one person makes sense.

Spoilers Below:

Kaitlyn (Katie) Conley has been convicted of the crime and Phelps lays out the evidence that points to the facts she clearly premeditated this crime. Katie is clearly a narcissist and the author points out comparisons between Katie Conley and Jodi Arias. Unfortunately, Katie still denies committing the crime and has many supporters that believe her. Because of this, Katie has never said why she killed Dr. Mary. Probably revenge against Adam, but we don't know if she intended to kill her or just make her very ill.
Because of Katie's young age and clearly does not have any empathy, I have serious concerns about her ever being released. She has been convicted to 23 years and will only be 47 when released if she serves her entire sentence.