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Definitely a page turner!

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What can I say... I’m a true crime junkie! Books, podcasts, binge watching true crime shows... I’m up for it all and I’ve read, listened to and watched a lot. Time after time I’m amazed at what people think they can get away with (and perplexed how some do).

We Thought We Knew You, while not the very best true crime I’ve read, definitely did not disappoint! Mary Yoder, patriarch and family chiropractor suddenly falls ill and dies a horrible death. It turns out she was poisoned. While we know from the beginning “whodunit” the author reveals the how and the why in a page turning series of events, definitive evidence and cunning deception.

I will admit that at times I was a little confused by the timeline in the beginning as the author did jump around a lot (and at times repeated information), but it was well worth it in the end. This was an unbelievable tale of toxic love, manipulation and murder. If you’re a true crime junkie like me, I definitely recommended that you pick up We Thought We Knew You by M. William Phelps. 4 solid stars.