Bad Writing!

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I went into this book with an open mind. I like the first impression and when it came in the mail I gave it a fair shot. This is one of the slowest books of all time. I feel like I'm reading someone's notes rather than being told a story. It jumps around from perspective to perspective and doesn't have a clear and organized narrative. I believe that the author spent a lot of time and energy getting the facts right and I can appreciate that but he should've had someone else ghost write because this just a jumble of words. There is no clear beginning middle and end. Once he's talking about Mary in the hospital and then suddenly Katie and Adam. We're being told about Adam's illness and there is this strange paragraph about their relationship that feels so out of place. It was a quick read because the material was easy to digest and the chapters were all small but I really didn't enjoy the book and would not reccommend it to other people.