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I saw this book was getting a lot of attention and usually I don’t read such popular books, but if I am being honest I saw the cover of this and had to read it. Something about the cover mad me very intrigued. I also read the summary and saw it was based in ancient Arabia. This book is such a beautiful story. This might be biased because I am a fantasy lover but this book was very well made. The plot was so fun and interesting. The characters were also very developed and I felt myself connecting with them, which isn’t the case for most fantasy books. The main character, Zafira is very lovable and I felt myself grow as she did. Her connection with the characters was page turning and the development was greats. I cannot wait to get the second book in the series, the authors righting was just beautiful, I loved the depth of it. Someone about the way she used her words just left me in awe.