Let Down

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I had so many high hopes for this title. It was one of my most anticipated reads of this year and I am so sad that it just didn't work out. For me this is one of those books that was just trying way to hard to be amazing. The story was bogged down with descriptions as well as real words blending with made up ones as well as slang. I spend half the time during the first part of the book just trying to figure out what words meant. Wondering if they were just spelled wrong in my copy or if it was intentional.

This also made the story hard to follow. With all the descriptions it made it really hard to follow the story. I spend most of my time reading about what a character was doing in the descriptions and that really took away from the story itself. I wished that the descriptions would have been cut down by 3/4 at the least as they really over powered the story.

The next thing is the characters. We have Zafira that reminds me of the runaway bride. It seemed she was always running away or towards something. This in my mind made her very fickle as a character and well I kind of didn't like her at all. Now Nasir I really did enjoy go figure. He was cold yes but at least he felt full rounded out to me. At least for the most part. The romance between these two was kind of meh in my book. I think it could have been better done. But as this is a debut I hope that the author learns from writing this title so the next one could be even better.

This one suffers from being extremely slow to start and just didn't pull me in at all. It failed to use words that were easily understandable and was bogged down by descriptions to the point where I was totally confused on what in the world was going on. The romance was lacked luster and the characters failed to make me fall in love with them.