i loved this

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I cannot believe that they just left him but at the same time oh my god.

Zafira is a queen and I love her. I feel really bad for Nasir because he seems like he really tries. I was listening to "I'm in love with a monster", by Fifth Harmony, when I read this and I think it fits really well. I

The writing style is beautiful. It's hard to come across fictional writing that sounds raw and honest without being over-the-top, but this book finds the perfect balance. I love how the characters start to love each other without even realizing, and I love how when they do realize, they don't stop. I love how reading this book felt like watching a daydream and how the characters felt so real and I finished in a day. I love the story- enemies sent on the same mission with the intention to harm the other, but soon becoming allies in a tough situation, and then even becoming close. I love them so much.