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I finished “We Hunt the Flame” approximately 2.5 minutes ago and I’m breathless. I’m unsure of where to start on this one, but I’ll dive right into it.
Faizal’s story building was absolutely beautiful. The world of ancient Arabia shimmered to life and captivated me in its entirety. However, I will say that there was a lot of tell and less show.
And she
Writes like
This excessively.
Albeit there was some BEAUTIFUL writing. One of my favorite quotes in particular was, “You and I are strangers, Huntress. Allies by circumstance. We may leave Sharr and never think of each other again. But in this moment, we are two souls, marooned beneath the moon, hungry and alone, adrift in the current of what we do not understand. We hunt the flame, the light in the darkness, the good this word deserves.” Quotes like these kept me flipping page after page.
The author leaves little to speculation, and like Zafira, she cracks each facial expression wide open. Every single twist that should have left me bewildered was…predictable. Which was greatly disappointing for me, as someone who loves a stupefying, out-of-left-field twist.
And while I adore a good enemies to lovers, I felt like the tension between Nasir and Zafira was a bit forced. Each character is not without their faults, but the only characters I really found myself connecting to were Altair and Benyamin, my loves. Nonetheless, I was rooting for Nasir and Zafira every step of the way!
Also, why remove the Arz? I was so excited to see an adventure across the lush, haunting forest but with a snap of magical fingers, it disappeared. What was the point of it?
Don’t get me wrong, I will still be picking up the second book. But solely because Altair is my husband and I will not hear otherwise.