Multi-generational Historical Fiction

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Three women from three time periods, each confronting prejudice and racism. That's what I was expecting this book to be about, and it was. However, what I was not expecting is that there would be three separate love stories as well. That still could have been OK, but given the circumstances of one of the romances, I could not root for the couple, and I ended up thinking less of the characters involved.

The book started out well enough. As I met Elizabeth, Nora, and Mary in turn, I found that I liked and wanted to know more about each woman.

The pacing seemed good, and the story moved smoothly between the three timelines, but sometimes many months would pass before we saw a character again. That didn't leave much room for character development.

Still, I believe most fans of multi-generational historical fiction will enjoy this. Thank you to BookishFirst for the copy of this book.