Emotional Rollercoaster

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This is a moving book that shows how multiple generations were affected by the unfair treatment of African Americans. Mary who is an abolitionist for the underground railroad during the civil war takes in multiple escaped slaves and gives them a home and pays them to help run her farm while her husband is away fighting for the Union. The people who come to her are treated as equals, regardless of what those who live around her think. She develops an affection to George, who was the first escaped slave who her husband sent to her. Nora is Mary's Great-Grand Daughter. During the 60's in Detroit, she meets a African American photographer named William. They meet at a gallery where he is displaying some of his work. Nora is working there and realizes that one of the pictures is of her father. It shows how angry he just moments before he breaks Williams camera. Nora comes from a wealthy family and asks him to give her the photo for a new camera. This, by chance meeting develops into a loving relationship between them, which turns to marriage. They face many obstacles for being an interracial couple. Nora has her life threatened and they are unable to find a decent place to live. They end up living in her Great-Great Grandmothers house and are happy until the Detroit Riots start. William's family is there and his nephew is missing. He returns to help them leaving Nora at their house. In present Day, Elizabeth is a journalist for the Detroit Free Press who is researching the Detroit Riots. She gets a mysterious call from a James Rich, who has a strange request. He has a camera and photos that he says belong to a Nora Rich. He tell her that she is related to her. She has never heard of Nora before, but says she will look into it when she discusses that they have to do with the Riots. Things fall apart for her after that. She loses her job and is not sure what to do next. She does learn that she is related to Nora and is asked to go and spend time with her because she is getting older and has been showing some signs of dementia. At first, Elizabeth can't wait until she can leave, but the more time she spends with Nora at her house and the more she learns about her family, she is now more confused then ever about what she should do when offered a new job at a different paper. This book is an emotional rollercoaster. It makes you happy at times, sad and angry. It is amazingly well written and hooks you in just the first few pages. I can't wait to read more books by this Author.