A Rich Tapestry

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This three generational story had me crying, cheering and raving mad. A perfect debit for Erin Bartels. Mary, Nora and Elizabeth were strong women who each find their worlds being turned upside down. Mary during the Civil War as an abolitionist who helped escaped slaves turn their lives free by teaching, helping and employing these slaves at her own home. Nora during the Civil Rights movement falls in love with William where interracial relationships are highly forbidden or looked down upon. This puts both William and Nora in danger and then Elizabeth finding out her ancestry, the strength of her ancestors and the truth about her own history all because of photographs resurrected from a camera belonging to her great aunt’s estranged husband.

We Hope For Better Things is a rich tapestry sewn together with threads of slavery, segregation and understanding. I feel edified, educated and entertained just from reading this fantastic historical fiction. I look forward to reading more from Erin Bartels she has a shining star ascending in the world of writing.