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"We Go High: How 30 Women of Color Achieved Greatness Against All Odds" by Nicole Elis is a beautiful collection of biographies for incredible and influential women of color. Divided into sections like politics, STEM, media, and food, this book celebrates a range of women from activists to scientists, artists to athletes, with brilliant portraits and illustrations.

This was a delightful collection that I am so glad is out in the world! There were quite a few familiar faces, but I was also excited to learn about some of the incredible women I'd yet to learn about! While the majority of the women are from the US, they also profile women from various countries around the world including Afghanistan, India, and Nigeria, so it was nice to have that variety. I also appreciate that they note which bios have potentially triggering content, but none of the biographies go too in depth on those experiences. I think this would be perfect for middle school readers as it's easily accessible and interesting, or perhaps with support for sensitive topics for upper elementary readers.