Everything Women Need -- Especially Now

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As a NASTY feminist woman, this book is the pinnacle of educating both our youth and those who are deemed to lead as we push onward in the future. There is TOO much chaos and persecution happening right now to women, especially women of color. From being stripped of rights in the reproductive health spectrum to being paid unequally, we are lost and BIPOC women are at the center of that displacement.

Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams, and Amanda Gorman are just a few of the legendary movers and shakers that hold a valuable role in paving a way for women, both from a political, education, and ecological standpoint. Feminism is the way to go, because if not that then what? We can't time travel back to the time where women couldn't even own a bank account or vote? This is the not the way things are supposed to go. Forwards not backwards. We can all take a page or two or a few out of this informational non-fiction piece... Idols, yes. Mothers, Yes. Leaders, one day, hopefully there are more. I long for the day when I can see a woman leading the United States to better days.