Beautiful and Inspiring

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Wow this is a wonderful book for anyone (especially a young girl) to own. I absolutely will be using the information in my classroom and with my teacher collogues this year to ensure we are highlighting women in color that have paved the way in our subjects we teach.

First of all, the graphic design is beautiful. Each woman has a black and white portrait and is surrounded by beautiful colors and floral arrangements. It is immediately eye catching. There are categories such as women in politics, STEM/Business, Activism, Film, Sports and Food/Drink (and a few more). Each woman featured has 2-3 pages written about their life, quotes, struggles, joys, and accomplishments. I'm not sure if the illustrator has these for sale but they would be amazing to hang up in a school.

I imagine this would be inspiring to a person of color. As a white woman, I am inspired by them and it also is a reminder for me as a teacher to make space to celebrate these women.