Young adult family drama

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I read the audiobook of this one and I thought the narrator did a great job bringing the characters to life, and I mean all of the characters not just the main character telling the story. This is a slow paced but beautiful and heartbreaking story. A story about family and trauma and love. This story shows how trauma haunts us through generations impacting far beyond. Avery’s parents have moved her back to her mother’s home town, a tiny place in Georgia, because her maternal grandmother is dying. Avery has a plan to go to school and get out without drama. But as she learns more about this grandmother she only ever met once before and makes friends she finds get out without making connections will be impossible. Avery learns a lot about her family’s history and as a biracial (black and white) she learns a lot that is hard to swollen about her southern roots. Reconciling what happened versus present day is difficult for her. This story was beautiful and poetic. It was heartbreaking and definitely made me shed a tear or two. Definitely worth a read.