The cover itself is awesome

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First off, let me start on the cover of this book. Phenomenal colors and beautiful in every way. Population 9,127? That is an incredibly small town. After reading: "The bar next door had a Confederate flag proudly draped in the window. My family said nothing. I could only stare at Mom’s tight
coils and wonder how in the world this place created her." I felt so bad for the main character and her mother. How did her mom grow up in such a distinctly racist environment? The callousness of the father when he says "“Don’t tell me she’s already dead,” he said. “We just got here.” speaks volumes. "Carole’s
gaze lingered on my lip piercing, and my cheeks burned. It was a
spur-of-the-moment decision I gifted myself in June, after Kelsi
and Hikari vetoed me shaving my head. The fact that the main character calls her parents by their first names and the fact that she has a nose piercing also went hand in hand. She seems like one of those stereotypical rebellious teenagers written into a novel. I was hoping for a little more from the author when it came to this.