Incredible Debut

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We Deserve Monuments was a beautiful and heartbreaking story about love and family and trauma. It's beautifully written and gripping and was an amazing debut.

We Deserve Monuments is about Avery, a queer biracial teen who moves to a small southern town with her parents to help take care of her dying grandmother

I really liked the main character, Avery. I liked how she was loyal and relatable. She's the type of character that anyone can see themselves in no matter what situation they may be going through, but more importantly, she's also the type of character that feels real.

I absolutely loved the writing. I think that's one of my favorite things about this book (among others). The prose and word choice was beautiful. It felt poetic and the flow was easy to read and get through. I did feel that the pacing was a little slow for my taste, however, this is one of those books that takes their time. It's meant to be read slowly, your attention intertwining with its characters, which brings me to my next point.

All of the characters came to life. They felt real and tangible. This story is more character driven than plot and I found that I really liked that because we were able to really get a feel of the characters and their backstories and their lives, sometimes heartbreakingly so.

And the romance with Simone was slow and beautiful. I really liked reading how their relationship slowly started to unfurl and develop. It felt natural and real.

We Deserve Monuments is a story about family and trauma and love. It was beautiful and poetic, and heartbreaking. It's also a gripping coming of age story about finding yourself and where you belong. Overall, it was an incredible debut.