Excellent Meditation on Grief and Generational Trauma

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I loved this book. Avery was a empathetic and beautifully drawn character and I felt so honored to be seeing the world through her eyes. The themes of grief and trauma and coming of age were so well executed. I found myself tearing up at the end of the book because I was so moved. Her world was populated by so many people who never felt flat or one dimensional. There was a lot of complexity to the characters especially her grandmother, mother and best friends. The interludes from different perspectives throughout the book were some of my favorites and the end felt as if it tied all the important ends up. I really liked the way Avery didn't find out for sure but we the audience did. It felt true to her character that she would want to honor her grandmother's legacy in that way. That mystery fell into the background in a way that felt honest and the resolution rang true.