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Avery is forced to move from DC to her mother's hometown of Bardell, Georgia, because her grandmother is terminally ill. There she meets some new friends, falls in love, and learns about some awful things that happened in the past that haunt their family to this day. Something happened to her grandfather Ray, and there was another tragedy, involving one of Avery's new friends. These elements came together alongside Avery falling for her next-door neighbor Simone to create an engaging, impactful story. It's also set in a semi-post-pandemic world, and I thought this was incorporated naturally.

"We Deserve Monuments" is a new YA contemporary favorite, and such an impressive debut. I loved the characters (especially Avery, as she is complex and encompasses everything I love in a MC), and the writing is great.

This is a story about trauma, racism, coming out, the power of true friendship, and healing a broken family before it's too late. I loved it so much.