Well written family drama but issues with the plot

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I have such mixed feelings about We Are the Brennans.

On the one hand, I loved the writing. This is exactly the type family drama I like, full of complicated relationships. The secrets are slowly revealed and their impact is explored.

Minor spoilers that you can probably figure out from reading the description...

On the other hand, I really don't enjoy stories about infidelity, emotional or otherwise. Especially when we're expected to be sympathetic to those who are cheating and accept that this other person is their soulmate so who cares about the one they're married to. So I struggled with Sunday and Kale's storyline. I really feel like Vivianne got dealt a short hand, and her not being a perfect person is not an excuse to be treated that way.

Read it if you like big Irish families, wish you owned a bar, and are ok with some morally poor decisions.