Loved Meeting The Brennans!

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We Are the Brennans tells the story of the relationships and secrets kept by a large, loving Irish-American family. The Brennans discover their strengths lie together as a family, compared as to their struggles when they try to solve problems on their own in isolation. The characters, as well as their hopes and dreams, were easy to fall in love with and relate to, as was their loving but sometimes smothering family dynamics. The plot was somewhat predictable, but that didn't detract from the enjoyable read. I do wish that there had been a bit more character development of the mother, as she seemed rather vague and abstract compared to the other characters. I also had hoped for Kale that he would have discovered some closure with the relationship with the mother who abandoned him (what happened? Would have thought maybe cousin Grail on the police force could have tracked her down!). The ending, although answered many lingering questions, seemed rather abrupt--I would have LOVED to fast forward to get a glimpse as to how it all turned out a year or so later. I could easily envision this as a TV/cable/netflix movie and would love to watch it!