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5 solid stars for We Are The Brennans! I am such a sucker for a good family drama. I had to admit, when I saw that this was compared to Ask Again Yes, I was hesitant to pick it up because while Mary Beth Keane's book was good, it dragged too much and it wasn't my favorite. But, I fell in love with The Brennans and I couldn't put this down!

Sunday Brennan wakes up in an LA hospital battered and bruised after a car accident due to her drunk driving. Her brother Denny quickly comes to her rescue and convinces her to come back home in Westchester, NY. Sunday left her family and high school sweetheart suddenly five years ago with little explanation and they have no idea what she has been up to since then. Sunday has three brothers and all of them harbor their own issues and secrets except for Shane who is intellectually disabled and is as innocent as can be, and her father seems to be suffering from dementia. Her old high school sweetheart Kale has married another woman with whom he has a son Luke, but has remained close with the Brennan clan. Denny and Kale are co-owners in a successful neighborhood pub and are about to open a second location, hoping to lure in a whole new clientele and boost business. After her return, Sunday realizes how much her and her family need each other, and the reason behind her sudden departure five years ago still affects them.

The chapters alternate between the perspectives of each of the Brennans, Kale, and even his wife Vivienne. I loved all of them and the author did an excellent job exploring the family dynamics. The story never dragged and I couldn't put the book down. After a surprising turn of events, I was able to guess the 'twist' but it was still so satisfying and well done. If this is just a debut novel, I am excited to read more from Tracey Lange in the future.

I received an arc of We Are The Brennans from Celadon Books via BookishFirst an exchange for an honest view. We Are The Brennans will be published soon on August 3rd.