I enjoyed this read so much.

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This is a book about family and what that mean even through different perspectives and personalities and of course conflict; the Brennan family is in it with each other. Sunday Brennan is coming back home after years away, and it is causing quite a stir. She ran away from her family and boyfriend after the death of her mother; and up until now she's done everything to stay away. But her absence has left a gaping hole for her brothers and father. And now Sunday has to figure out how and if she wants to fit back in with her family.

The writing is beautiful and the way Lange describes how each member of the family makes the family run made me feel seen. You can instantly relate to the pressures that each of the children have faced through the years. It has a little element of mystery woven throughout which I was happily surprised about. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this book. I wish I could get amnesia just so I could reread it again.