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I am so thankful to have received an early copy of this book through NetGalley! At first, I was really drawn to this book because the cover art is so beautiful and I loved the simplicity of it all. I had a feeling that this would be one of those books that are touching and hopeful and leaves you with a sense of happiness at the end. For me, it absolutely was!

First, I loved how the author developed the characters and the family as a whole. This sort of book would not stand if this was not the case. I love that at any point, we know so much about each character and the family dynamic. In fact, this book is so well written that "the family" as a whole is sort of its own character. I also love Sunday's story and how she begins in one of the worse places a person can be after waking up in the hospital and moves toward a position of grace. This book is so hopeful and really made me feel good after reading it.