Emotional journey

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Warning: mentions of miscarriage and gun violence.

This was a beautiful and emotional novel centered around the Brennan family. After a drunk driving accident, Sunday Brennan goes back home after running away five years previously. She hadn't communicated much with her family during that time, and must rekindle their trust in her. And she has to deal with her ex-fiancé.

As we meet each member of the Brennan family and Kale, readers are drawn into family secrets that have torn the family apart. I immensely enjoyed how the chapters flowed from character to character. The last line the character says in a previous chapter begins the next from their point of view. It kept the flow while also letting readers see into the minds of everyone.

I did have to stop at Sunday's secret, mainly because as soon as she started her story I knew it would be heartbreaking. I sympathized with her and understood her reservations with telling the truth. But after I got my bearings, I ended up finishing the book very quickly.

I cannot wait to see what more Tracey Lange has in store for us readers!