A good family book.

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Thank you to BookishFirst and Celadon books for this ARC.

I enjoy family books and this one was one of them. The brothers 3 (Denny, Jackie and Shane) all had their own personalities and Sunday was the only girl. I'd like to think that they protected her in all ways and they did to me. Kale was like an adopted brother who they grew up with who co-owned two bars with Denny and was Sunday's ex-boyfriend.

Let me point out a few things that were upmost in my mind that drove me a little crazy. The first was cousin Grail who was a cop and Kale. I'm glad they weren't in the same scene a lot because the names Kale and Grail grated on my nerves the whole book. Sunday I can understand since she was born on a Sunday. Kale was married to Vivienne who was a b**** to me and hated Sunday because she was his ex. Also bothersome was that at the beginning of a lot of chapters, it started with the end line of the previous chapter like the reader would forget what was said the page before but that's just my idiocracy.