4.5 stars for this awesome family saga

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This was a 4.5 star read for me. I love family sagas that center on the adult children bringing into their current situation as well family history and secrets.

The Brennans was the fast, family drama read that I needed. The Brennans are an Irish family that own the town bar and are rooted deeply in their community. Denny, Jackie, Sunday and Shane were raised by a hardworking father, Mickey, and a disconnected mom, Maura.

Five years ago, Sunday walked away from the family leaving her fiancé Kale behind and confused, Denny to take care of the family, Jackie to keep her secret and Shane frustrated beyond measure and disregulated at the loss of his caregiver.

After landing in the hospital and receiving a DUI, she comes home and we watch as the secret of 5 years ago comes to light.

Triggers: Sexual Assault, Infidelity, Miscarriage

I can't recommend this one enough, I want everyone to read it.