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Such a thought provoking & great read!

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What a deep, thought provoking read! Although the subject can be a trigger for some, this book had me not wanting to put it down from Chapter one! I found the writing style to be great, but I absolutely loved the characters and how I could actually relate to them and feel their emotions throughout the book. The plot itself is a very deep, but very REAL issue and the way the author treads lightly on the subject is perfect. This book covers topics that women and men go through and how things are handled differently depending on race, class, etc. I finished this book in a day and I will definitely be reading it again, only because it is one of those books that I feel I can gain more from every time I read it again. I did find myself thinking outside the box and looking at the subject from a different perspective, which is something that not very many books can get me to do. The author did a superb job! The only reason I gave 4 stars is because I did feel that at times things were dragged out a little too much, but the author did great at coming right back and throwing some excitement in where you least expect it. I finished this book with a heavy chest because the subject is such a deep one to cover, but I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who can handle a touchy subject. It's worth the read!