Not For Me

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This book is not bad, I just didn't enjoy it. The story is written in prose (present day as Em and her family is dealing with the aftermath of her older sister sexual assault trial) and verse (a story Em is writing about a medieval noblewoman who avenged rape victims).

I'm going to mark it as a DNF because after about 50 pages I started skipping all the sections in verse and then after about 100 pages, I started skimming the present-day prose sections. I think this is partially my fault for not reading the synopsis close enough, but I loved Blood Water Paint so much that I thought I would love this just as much. Unfortunately, I didn't connect with the characters - which is vital for me in a prose/verse story, and since there was no emotional connection, I just couldn't bring myself to care about what was happening at all. I really loved Em's anger and sense of justice, but it wasn't enough to carry the story for me.