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It was great!

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From Blood, Water, Paint, to this book, this author once again creates a beautifully written book that brings up severe points. This is a beautiful book. Every time I read her books, I feel a mix of emotions run through me whether it be sadness, fury and rage, and even triumph.
As always her blend of historical heritage is there, one of the main reasons I love her books so much. Her aspects of peotry and writing were slightly confusing for me here, however, I believe that is because I don't read much peotry in general. It did not disappoint me in the slightest though and was well written. The mentions of the sexual harassment these girls face always brings me sadness. I can imagine the discomfort of the characters and I feel and see their story through my own eyes. Once again, joy McCullough has brought up a history and traditions that have been ignored, and I applaud her for doing so.