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Intense, yet powerful

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This is a very intense read, but it is so powerful. It follows a high school student named Em whose older sister, Nor, is sexually assaulted at her college. Em encourages Nor to seek justice through taking her case to trial, but the whole family is left distraught after the defendant receives no prison time. Em is so upset about everything that has happened that she quits her school newspaper. After she becomes friends with a theater/medieval history lover named Jess, she starts writing fictionalized prose about a brave historical figure named Marguerite de Bressieux, who made it her mission to avenge victims of rape. Overall, this is a very tragic, heartbreaking, and empowering read that will really make you think. Em's character was very realistic, and although she was immature and/or selfish at times, she did learn some important lessons throughout the book.