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I liked this a lot!

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It’s a story within a story and it’s incredible! Before Em Morales older sister was raped, her and her family were happy and perfect. After the tragic incident, her world came crashing down instantly. The story follows Em and you get to truly understand how someone changes after they have been raped and also how it deeply affects a person. This story is an example of what happens in our world everyday. How victims feel when their attacker gets to walk out without any sentencing. The author did a fantastic job on portraying the feeling of being helpless. The world can be a nasty place and this book is a good representation of how bad it can be. Even though Em’s family has suffered through all this, Nor has to find a way to overcome this and it’s definitely a hard thing to do. After reading this book, I truly understand why it’s so hard for rape victims to speak out against their rapists. The court system is a messy and nasty place. Thank you Joy for letting us get an insight on what rape victims go through on a day to day bases.
On another note, the story that’s within this story is about Marguerite de Bressieux, who is known for avenging rape victims. It’s so cool to see Em get her power through another women’s revenge. It shows the power of women for sure! This is such a good read and it was definitely a powerful one as well!