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I didn’t love it

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I really wanted to love this book.
The cover is beautiful and the synopsis immediately caught my eye.
Sadly I just didn’t love this book. I liked it enough to keep reading but there was something missing for me.

This novel is told in prose and verse. There’s a story within the story.
We follow Em Morales and her story of poems written in prose where we meet Marguerite.
While I enjoyed both stories I felt like towards the last half we mostly got one.
I was more invested in Em’s story, trying to get justice for her sister Nor who was raped. Sadly Em’s character went downhill for me and I honestly didn’t like her much. I felt like she made everything that happened to her sister about herself, and she completely ignored everyone to write her story.

I really did like the writing though I just think this book wasn’t for me.
I plan to read more by this author soon!