Heartbreaking yet beautiful

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I throughly enjoyed the style of writing for this, a do hope to find more to the style of it. It’s a rare form that you have this heartbreak story yet you tangle yourself within the characters, words, letters and pages eager to find the meanings and all that it has to offer.
It took me a bit to get to it, honestly blaming myself and pregnancy got in the way but once I was finally able to have a moment to actually sit and read I flew through it with a broken heart to be mended but the end where I didn’t leave this story with a hopeless feeling but one with more hope then I could’ve desired.
It’s told almost in this poetry novel format that easily is one of my favorite but not used too often so it’s a treat when you come across them. The subject matter is one that I know can be triggering for many so please go into in knowing that it does have sensitive rape topic within but I feel for me at least having dealt with that myself, it was handled in kind and easily readable.