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A Story That Needs To Be Told

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The premise of this story is one that I've read a million times over. A girl gets raped and the rapist ultimately doesn't pay the price. It's disgusting yet truthful and it breaks my heart over and over again.
But this story holds a different place in my heart. The writing draws you in immediately. I love that the perspective is set with Em, who is not the person who was raped, but a person who still feels the aftershock. A young woman who wants justice for her sister's oppressor. Someone who is traumatized from this event, but in a way that all women can understand. What if it happened to us? What if it HAPPENS to us? What would we do? How do we protect the people we love from ever experiencing that again? How do we help the people we love heal from something like that?
Then you add in Jess and Marguerite de Bressieux. Jess's character is an absolute gem and probably my favorite. Marguerite is such a bad ass. A french noble-woman who kills rapists. She is needed in this story to help Em rationalize and fight for her sister.
I was captivated by Em and her need to protect the people she loves. This is an important journey for her. She is young, still learning injustices and who she is. I applaud Joy McCullough for writing this story. It's necessary for those who are still learning.