Wonderful book!

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We Are Inevitable it the first book I've read by Gayle Forman, but it certainly won't be the last! I loved everything about it.

First, the major characters were so well written. They each had their own unique personalities, issues, ideas, and goals. It was nice getting to know each of them, and seeing how they grew and changed throughout the course of the book. Also, kudos to the author for including some diverse characters! It was refreshing to see a disabled person and a person who uses "they/them" pronouns be included, without the book actually being ABOUT those issues. Just like in real life, they're JUST REGULAR PEOPLE! I loved the way this was handled.

The story centers around a father and son trying to save their failing bookstore in the wake of some serious family tragedies. Their struggle brings in help from some interesting segments of the local community, and I enjoyed seeing how the relationships among them grew as they worked together to try to save the shop. The story shone brightest when it focused on character relationships...the story was great, but in my opinion the most special parts were those focused on relationships, and their value in a person's life.

I also enjoyed the love story between main character Aaron and Hannah. I found their growing romance believable, and it added extra depth to the "relationship" aspect of the book.

As an extra added bonus....the chapter titles were great!

Thank you, Gayle Forman, for writing a book truly worth reading!