This book was bloody brilliant.

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This book was bloody brilliant. I am absolutely honored to have been able to read this before publication. I am a tad behind on my reviews, so I'm writing this a few months after reading it for the first time. I apologize for that :(

Gayle Forman is one of those authors for me where I seriously cannot stop reading once I have began one of her works. I believe this is the fourth book from Gayle that I have read in one sitting :)

This book was about a boy named Aaron and his love of bookstores, especially bookstores that are family owned, like the one that his parents own called Bluebird Books. Aaron has gained ownership of his families bookstore after his mom left town and is running the store alongside his father. Now, this story doesn't start off with Aaron loving his families bookstore. He actually sees it as run down with the book shelves falling apart and many overdue credit card statements. He wants to sell the bookstore. But can he do so without disappointing his father after the loss of Aaron's brother, Sandy?

This story is so beautiful. The connection and friendship between Aaron, his brother's friend, Chad, and Hannah, is so touching and honestly kind of hilarious.

Yet another win for Mrs. Gayle! I am 100% going to reread this before the end of the year! <3