Gayle Forman's love letter to books will resonate with all readers

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From the bestselling author of If I Stay comes a poignant tale about community and navigating the hurdles in life. Set to be released on June 1st, We Are Inevitable acts as a love letter to books and the power that stories have to move us.

I’ve been a fan of Gayle Forman’s books for years and this book just solidifies her place as one of my favorite YA authors! Like every book by Forman, We Are Inevitable hit me hard and had me hooked from the very beginning. This story isn’t just about a failing bookstore or a boy trying to figure out his future; it’s about how we deal with the punches life throws at us. It’s about dealing with loss and grief and how to turn it into a learning experience. It’s about embracing that hurt (rather than forgetting it) and letting it shape you into a better person. Even though Aaron seems very narrow-minded and angry at the world (and I may have wanted to throttle him a few times while reading), he learns that life isn’t what you plan it to be and that even though the inevitable might be in sight, you can’t control what happens in this world no matter how hard you may try to. And that’s okay.

In addition to a meaningful story, the chapters each being named after a different book and having novels, anthologies, and memoirs be interwoven into the story makes this novel even more well-written. Book lovers will love reading this book about books and feel that the stories we read really are miracles, as Forman likes to remind us throughout the book.

This book is such an amazing book that any book lover will appreciate. Poignant, resonant, and insightful, We Are Inevitable should be on everyone’s TBRs!

*I received an ARC from Penguin Teen in exchange for my honest opinion.