Gayle Forman proves again why she is one of the best YA writers

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I am so happy to have been able to read Gayle Forman's newest book. She has always been one of my favorite YA authors. This was a little bit of a different book for her. For one thing, the book is written from a boy's point of view.

I have to admit, I fell a tiny bit in love with Aaron. He loves books and his parents own a bookstore. Granted his defense mechansim of pushing away all who try to get close to him. A small bookstore that is failing and then his world comes crashing down even more. You could say it was a tornado that ripped through Aaron's world and changed everything he knew.

This book also has a great cast of secondary characters as well. They all add to Aarons story and to his journey of finally realizing that people do want to help him. What I love most about it too was that it isn't a teenage angst love novel either. In fact a romance isn't even a secondary story line in this book. Its just kind of there but isn't Aaron's mission in the story.

Thank you so much to bookish first!!