Awesome cast of characters

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Set in a tiny Pacific Northwest town just outside Seattle with a small indie bookshop at its center, We Are Inevitable is about life’s changes and how sometimes those changes bring about growth instead of extinction.
Aaron and his father are left to care for the family bookstore after his mother leaves them and his older brother died. Not interested in being in the book selling business anymore and with a failing business at that, Aaron sells the store. Just as a wheelchair bound optimist named Chad, lumberjacks with too much time on their hands, and a musician Aaron almost immediately falls for named Hannah, enters his life, complicating the whole thing.
The setting and worldbuilding felt authentic to the Northwest, Seattle especially. Music scene, books, weather. All helped to feel like I was reading about one of my neighbors, if one of my neighbors happened to own a used bookstore.
It’s the characters who really make this book. Chad in his wheelchair who refuses to let that stop him from doing anything, including going to places where there is no wheelchair access. The lumberjacks who talk over Aaron at every turn. To Hannah, who is determined to help Aaron find his perfect song, even though Aaron doesn’t like music. And Ira, who at first seems so confused and not all there but really is paying more attention then anyone realized. It’s hard to not like all of them. They are quirky and fun and unique and We Are Inevitable would not be the same without a single one of them.
This book is a lovely little cozy read with a life lesson tucked between its pages and great cast of characters. I highly recommend it to anyone. 5/5