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Gayle Forman’s book are always a quick read that will have you feeling so many emotions! I loved how the setting of this story was mostly in a used book store. What is better than that? I imagine Ira, the dad being so cute and loving. He only wants to do good even with the circumstances he was dealing with. Aaron is just a basic human trying to figure out the world , having a crush, and just trying to do what’s right. The writing is very easy to connect to. There is a few poetic moments that will make you hug the book and hold it close. My one con was the cover is very misleading. I though this was going to be a love story between two main characters and them trying to fix the situation together. We get a glimpse of the love but it never lead anywhere. I would love a sequel to this book following Ira and you know who. All in all this is a perfect book to pick up for a quick read!