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A Touching and Timely Father-Son Story

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As soon as I began the preview chapters, I wanted to read more. This book unfolds as easily as a film that everyone is talking about. The characters could be any family - there's no fantasy life on unlimited wealth, glamorous settings, a life of partying. Nope, this is real life Americana.

The writing is fresh and compelling, and readers will be able to relate to the son's frustration with his elderly father who does not seem to understand that small, dusty, indie bookstores have pretty much gone the way of free delivery for any item from a mom-and-pop furniture store. In this case, their old acquaintances were bought out by a furniture conglomerate which tells the old dad to just buy something online if he wants free delivery to his remote area.

The references to television shows and book titles add interest to the story line, and Aaron, the self-proclaimed book-nerd son who narrates this story, admits that he admires his father's devotion to books since they are proof that “Twenty­ six letters and some punctuation marks and you have infinite words in in­finite worlds."

There seems to be a mystery about the mother's disappearance into a life on the move, doing odd jobs. A quick reference to bags of heroin and stints at Rehab seems to apply to the older brother Sandy, and I hope to read more and learn Mom's real story as well.