Twist the roles

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This fantasy story weaves in a bit of reality. Racism, abuse, underestimating the possible cruelty of pretty little blonde women. The characters also feature people across the spectrum of gender identity and their struggles to determine what feels right.

Old/New City both used to be part of River City until the night a king was overthrown, a queen died and the magic nearly dried up.

It’s never fully explain, but it seems there’s a cycle with four main players: a hero, a maiden, a monster and a witch.

Who you think fulfills each role isn’t always so with unexpected character playing the roles of hero, maiden, monster and witch.

The characters are each lovable in their own way, even those who seem rough or like monster initially. You keep hoping they find each other in the way they're meant to to fulfill the prophecy and return the magic.

The abrupt ending leave me to believe this is just the start to a series.