Problematic Pass

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I am a big believer in books bringing people together and providing a community for people, so I am not a fan of books that are problematic in their content and/or themes. I started reading this book and went into it almost completely blind- the only thing I knew was that it had a trans protagonist and the author was non-binary. I am a hundred pages in to this book only to see some of the reviews for the book. At that point I learned just how problematic the book is and realize that I cannot keep reading this book.

From where I left it, I could see the building blocks of where the story was going to go and it wasn't sitting right with me. I think this book had a lot of potential but from what I read of the reviews (over 25 btw) and what I was starting to see myself, I was uncomfortable with the direction the author was going and I just can't keep reading it.