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I felt pretty dissuaded from reading this book because of the slew of poor reviews it’s been getting, but since I’m obliged to review it, I forced myself to start. I read a fair bit and wasn’t feeling it.

I like when books slowly reveal the world they’re set in rather than infodump, and that’s what “We All Fall Down” does, and the beginning intrigued me. I think the worldbuilding and River City in concept is very interesting, but I feel like there’s this consistent lack of description that prevented me from feeling immersed at all, and whenever it does get to describing the setting, the writing was weak. A lot of details left me confused or underwhelmed..

I read the chapter in which David is falsely accused of murder and interrogated by the police and wow what a GREAT idea to make one of your main characters a racist POS. Seriously, why? How was this necessary? Just upsetting for no reason. It went on for 10 pages, and when it ended the next chapter started up with the author quirkily addressing the “reader” like they do at points in the story, which is weird and a bit annoying. I also read the ending confrontation and Jack doesn’t seem sorry at all about what she did. It’s just glossed over. Not wasting any more time with this, I think.