Solid Thriller

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“Because that's the thing with getting what you want: all that yearning and dreaming and fantasizing leaves a great big hole that can only be filled with more yearning and dreaming and fantasizing.”
― Lisa Jewell, Watching You

This is a solid thriller. Characters you love to hate. Family drama. Suspense and plenty of twists. While this one was somewhat predictable, it's my new favorite from LJ.

I was pretty triggered by the teacher/student affair theme. I find this topic infuriating. Without spoiling anything, I believe more of this was going on than we were lead to believe by the end.

I was satisfied with the ending because of the epilogue.

The character involvement and dynamic was excellent. Every single character was in on the plot and drama. I guessed the killer by the end, but not so quickly it was disappointing.

If you enjoyed Then She Was Gone I think you will enjoy this one as well. Slightly less shock, but an equally disturbing idea.