Nail-biting Suspense!

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What a thrilling suspenseful read! As the title suggests...someone's being watched. But who? And why? This fast paced read was exciting and deceptive with many complicated twists.
The story begins with a dead body and then flashes back to before the gruesome murder. The cast of characters are entertaining, well developed and an eccentric bunch. The handsome school director Tom lives with his adoring wife Nicola and their loner son Freddie in a gorgeous painted house in Melville Heights. Freddie is a little creepy and we see right away he likes spying on the neighbor girls. One of these girls Jenna, is concerned about Tom and gets a bit uneasy and thinks he's gross. Newlyweds Joey and Alfred are living with her brother and wife but Joey starts having fantasies about married Tom. Oh and Jenna's mom is unstable and is convinced she's being "gang-stalked"... this is a busy neighborhood! But why is everyone drawn to Tom? What is his appeal?
All this to say... no one is who they seem to be! Eventually we learn of a connection to a suspicious event 20 years ago. Pieces start to come together and clues seem to be everywhere. I would be convinced who the culprit was, and then I'd turn a page and be completely wrong.
This was my first book by Lisa Jewell and I appreciated her precise style of writing - addictive and exciting.