Lisa Jewell Never Disappoints!

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I have read many Lisa Jewell books and they were all amazing. Watching You was no different! I loved this book and finished it within a day or two! She catches your attention from the first page with murder and from there you are hooked! I love the multiple point of views in the story and how character driven it is. In addition to the multiple point of views, there are police transcripts incorporated which was interesting and unique. The writing and flow of the story is easy to follow. There are many characters in the book that are important to the plot, but Jewell's writing does not allow the reader to get confused between the characters at all which I found refreshing and made the story all that much more enjoyable. Not all of the characters are likeable, but I thought it made the story more interesting. Each chapter introduces a new plot twist and the ending is unpredictable and phenomenal!