Lisa Jewell Does it Again!!

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Joey Mullen has a thing for the teeeacccherrr! Okay, but really this was a creepy book. When it comes to speculation and assumptions, anything can be put into the spotlight. A lot of the times, teachers and other educational professionals struggle with such accusations that can put them out of a job and even in prison, but this is not one of those circumstances. Mr. Fitzwilliam is a creepy man, and he's had the track record to prove it.

Someone has been murdered in the beginning and the reader does not know who or the motive behind the murder. I love when I get to put on my super sleuth hat and attempt to figure out what is going on in a book. Jewell did not disappoint. She provided interesting characters - some more likable than others and presents us with information and rumors which kept me guessing and turning the pages. This book is told through various POV's and through police transcripts which helped to keep me enticed all the way through.